The unspoken thank you

I could only post the link on the fly from my phone, but here is the embedded video of Josey’s first post-surgery trip to the dog park. It has been four months since her surgery and six months since she was able to run and play pain-free. At first, she was almost confused about being off her leash in an open space. After a little warmup, though, she was raring to go bumpus alongside big sister. She is likely to always be slower than before, but I imagine she’ll eventually get back to something like normal. Yesterday, we just did a ten minute jaunt, but as the weather warms up (someday), we’ll get to spend more time at the park.

In the last frame of the video, you can see the surgical scar on her hind leg. She’s never going to grow enough fur to cover it. More importantly, though, in that last frame, you can see how incredibly happy and comfortable she is to be back to running and playing. That’s entirely down to the help of so many kind friends from all over the world. You sent money, you sent advice, you sent treats, and you sent good thoughts.

Josey has no clue. I’m sure in her mind it’s as simple as “My knee was hurted but now it’s better.” She doesn’t know that more than 50 people from 6 of the 7 continents* paid for her surgery. She doesn’t know that hundreds more have been checking up on her progress and rooting for her. She’s just grateful to be free to run and not have any pain.

So from Josey, and me, and even from Biggie, who has missed having little sister to play with:


*it’s not that the people of Antarctica are cheap. I just don’t know anybody down there.

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8 Responses to The unspoken thank you

  1. Laurie says:

    Look at her go! Run, Josey Kneesocks, run like the wind!

  2. sue laybourn says:

    What a lovely thing to see, bless her slobbery little chops. Brilliant!

  3. brownamazon says:

    Yay! This made my morning. If she were a horse, Did your vet advise to build the bumpus fitness back up slowly so she doesn’t hurt something else?

    • Redscylla says:

      Yep. That’s why she only got a ten-minute bumpus yesterday. Just enough to stretch her leg and see how it feels. Then we’ll steadily build up her allowed bumpus time.

  4. Warms the cockles of my heart! :)

  5. AuntieBellum says:

    Aw, hurrah! It was our pleasure to help!! <3

  6. leendadll says:

    Thanks for including the video – that’s really great to see!!
    And since you don’t know anyone in Antarctica – maybe they *are* cheap!!

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